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Plastic trunks for motorcycles, trailers, and special models: complete solutions from iCbras to bring more convenience in transporting different types of cargo. All motorcycle boxes are developed with the best technology, ensuring quality and durability for your journeys.

Located in the industrial hub of Joinville, iCbras has been operating in the market since 2018, always valuing the high quality and functionality of its products.

Specialized in manufacturing motorcycle trunks, iCbras operates with modern management, skilled professionals, and continuous improvement. Thus, innovation and the desire to offer increasingly comprehensive products are always present, characteristics that shape the brand’s DNA.

iCbras keeps up with the market’s needs, allowing us to understand the daily requirements in using plastic trunks, resulting in products entirely focused on solving motorcyclists’ challenges. Additionally, the range of trunks with different sizes and functionalities gives users the freedom to make choices according to their usage preferences.

iCbras’s dedication to research, development, and manufacturing of plastic trunk solutions for motorcycles leads to long-term partnerships established with customers and suppliers.

Welcome to iCbras! Explore our motorcycle trunks, special trunks, and trailer trunks, and discover how iCbras solutions can have a positive impact on your daily routine and your company’s tasks.