iCbras product line



Each motorcycle trunk has specific features that allow for efficient and secure transportation of different types of loads.

All motorcycle trunks are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a material known for its high strength and durability, providing resistance to impacts and various weather conditions.

65 liters trunk
100 liters Pop trunk
130 liters trunk
140 liters trunk
160 liters trunk


cargo box

The new iCbras line of cargo boxes highlights the versatility of our products. Made from HDPE and designed to be attached to trailers and towables, it’s a practical and functional solution for various transportation needs.

140 liters trunk
100% recycled PEAD
Resistant and durable
Excellent space
For trailers and towables



iCbras accessories are designed to be practical, lightweight, durable, and provide simplified assembly.

Manufactured in Brazil with 100% recycled and high-strength material, the accessories are a benchmark in the market.

Plastic holder
Mechanic's roller board"
Cell phone holder