Motorcycle trunk 130 liters with front opening


Motorcycle trunk 130 liters with front opening

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With a capacity of 130 liters, the trunk features the widest opening in the market. This allows for easy accommodation of larger-sized goods without the need for complex adjustments.

The rear opening enables effortless loading and unloading of cargo into and out of the motorcycle trunk, making the routine much more convenient and deliveries faster.

Additionally, this trunk also has a space on its surface specifically designed for carrying sodas. Just attach the elastic net and proceed with peace of mind, as this prevents any temperature exchange between your delivery and the chilled beverage.

Apart from pizzas, this motorcycle trunk can transport any other wider materials that require a larger opening for transportation.

It’s all about making your routine more practical!

Assembly of 130-liter trunk

Video from the tutorial series for assembling the Support for all iCbras trunks. We hope it has helped you in assembling your trunk. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!


Available in colors: black and white;
Seamless sides;
Double-walled lid for greater durability;
Front-opening lid;
Closure with plastic latch (plastic lock) with space for a padlock;
Upper space designed for attaching an elastic net;
Can be used with iCbras plastic support or conventional metal models;
Includes: fixing kit for assembly on conventional metal support and instruction manual.

Additional Information

Trunk dimensions:

48 x 58 x 58 cm


7,350 kg


Suporte iCbras

48 x 58 x 58 cm
7,350 kg