5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Motorcycle for You

Motorcycles are the transportation choice for thousands of people. It is estimated that there are more than 13 million registered motorcycles in Brazil alone. However, choosing a model to buy can often be confusing. With that in mind, we have compiled 5 tips to help you choose the ideal motorcycle!

After checking out this comprehensive guide, it will be easier to determine which motorcycle model is ideal for your needs. Check it out!

1. Identify the main use of the motorcycle

Some people buy a motorcycle as a work tool, others choose the vehicle only as a means of transportation, and there are still those who buy a motorcycle thinking about adventures around the world.

Understanding your usage profile, that is, the main use of the motorcycle, is crucial for filtering the purchasing possibilities. After all, a motorcycle for someone intending to work with delivery is different from the one for weekend use.

There are some types of motorcycles that correspond to the following profiles:

  • Trail or Off-road: Ideal for those who intend to ride in rural areas, where there is little or no pavement.
  • Naked, Trail, or Touring: Those planning a motorcycle trip can opt for models with higher displacements so that the rider has better performance.
  • City: If the focus is to use the motorcycle in urban areas, either as a more practical vehicle or for work, City motorcycles are ideal. Being smaller, they are more practical to ride and provide more flexibility to the rider.

2. Define your budget

Another important filter to apply in the research stage when choosing a motorcycle to buy is defining the budget. This means setting a maximum amount you are willing to spend.

At this stage, it’s also worth researching the conditions offered by dealerships in your region. Sometimes, buying a motorcycle in cash is much cheaper than in installments.

A positive aspect of defining the budget is that it helps narrow down your search, focusing only on the models you can invest in at the moment.

3. Calculate all motorcycle expenses

Even though motorcycles have lower maintenance costs than cars, there are expenses involved beyond the purchase price.

These expenses also vary according to the main motorcycle models on the market. Just think that a City-type motorcycle, which is lighter and more compact, requires less fuel than a super sports bike, for example.

In addition, it is necessary to research the prices of parts that often require frequent replacement in a motorcycle, such as the fuel filter, air filter, and vehicle oil. After all, these are costs you will incur to keep your motorcycle running smoothly (take the opportunity to check out 7 items you can’t forget in a check-up).

4. Comfort while riding

Although comfort is not usually associated with riding a motorcycle, it is possible to make the experience more enjoyable by considering both the vehicle’s characteristics and your physique.

For example, those who intend to frequently carry another person on the back of the motorcycle should think about a model that accommodates both the rider and the passenger comfortably.

On the other hand, those who plan to make deliveries with the motorcycle should check the dimensions of the plastic box for the motorcycle and how much space it will occupy on the seat to know if the model will accommodate the rider and the box comfortably.

Here at iCbras, we always provide the sizes of the motorcycle boxes so that you can easily calculate the space the box will occupy.

Finally, it’s worth considering your physique when choosing a motorcycle. People of shorter stature may have difficulty handling trail motorcycles, which are taller. Just as heavier motorcycles are not recommended for those with less physical strength.

5. Your experience in riding

When choosing the ideal motorcycle, it’s also essential to consider your level of experience in riding.

A common recommendation is that people with little experience avoid a high-displacement motorcycle since this model requires a bit more control, which only the use of the vehicle can provide.

So, if you are buying your first motorcycle, choose a vehicle with up to 300 cubic centimeters. After gaining experience, it’s possible to switch to a larger model with greater confidence.

The ideal motorcycle for you

Now that you have some tips, you can more easily identify which is the ideal motorcycle model for your needs.

The criteria mentioned earlier help filter the options available in the market, providing results according to your profile.

If possible, take a test ride on the motorcycle that piques your interest to have the ‘real proof.’ This way, you have even more information to choose the ideal motorcycle.