Apps for Working with Motorcycle Delivery

The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our routine. With more people at home, the delivery sector has grown considerably, and motorcycle couriers play a crucial role in replenishing food, medicines, and other supplies. For those with a motorcycle, this can be a good opportunity to earn extra income with apps for working with motorcycle delivery.

But before downloading a delivery app…

Not only having a motorcycle and a category A driver’s license is enough to register on a motodelivery app. As it is a remunerated job with rules established in the Brazilian Traffic Code, the motorcyclist needs to meet other criteria.

To work with motorcycle delivery, you need to be at least 21 years old, have a category A driver’s license (for at least 2 years), and complete a 30-hour motorcycle delivery course, which can be taken online through your local DMV.

In addition, basic safety items are also necessary, such as appropriate clothing and a helmet approved by Inmetro, both with reflective stickers that help other drivers see the motorcyclist.

Also, remember to choose a good plastic box, capable of making deliveries safely and conveniently. It is essential that the motorcycle box complies with the weight and size limits specified in the motorcycle manual to avoid causing problems to the vehicle.

Here on the iCbras website, you can find different models of plastic boxes for motorcycles, with different dimensions and purposes. All are made of HDPE, an extremely resistant and easy-to-clean material – something essential in pandemic times. Click on this link to check out the full line of cargo boxes.

5 App options for motodelivery

Now that you know everything you need to work in motorcycle delivery, you should be aware of some of the available apps to register. Each one offers a different service fee, which can be checked on their respective websites.

Also, when registering, keep in mind that it’s common for the apps to request copies of your documents, which will be reviewed to activate your account.


Rappi is an app that aims to deliver any type of purchase for a user, from food to pharmacy products. With this app, the motorcyclist can be requested for various tasks, from paying a bill to picking up an item and delivering it from one location to another.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats was created as a division of the traditional Uber, allowing car drivers to take advantage of rides for deliveries. Over time, motorcyclists were also able to register. This app is entirely focused on food delivery, ideal for those who want to work only on weekends when the demand for this type of delivery is higher.


iFood is one of the most famous food delivery apps. Its main function is to connect establishments with delivery drivers, who are requested based on their availability and geographical location. A recent update added the Shop category to iFood, allowing the delivery driver to buy and deliver items from the grocery store and convenience stores.


For those who want to work during business hours, the Loggi app is a good option, as it aims to make deliveries from online stores or orders from corporate offices. In Loggi, a delivery driver is called based on geographical location, and the driver defines the route they want to take for maximum efficiency.

Passenger seat

Garrupa” is an app that is not yet available throughout Brazil, but it can be a good option for motorcyclists. The idea is to function as an Uber for motorcycles, providing passenger transportation. In this way, it includes specific areas such as female transportation (where only women provide services) and a space for pet transportation (which requires a special plastic box).

What is the best delivery app?

The best way to find out which app is ideal for motorcycle delivery is by testing! It’s worth visiting each brand’s website to understand how it works and what the delivery driver’s earnings will be for each trip.

After that, set aside a few days to work on each app and find out which one best fits your preferences.

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