How to Choose the Ideal Motorcycle Trunk for Your Needs.

Whether it’s for making delivery, carrying tools for work, or having extra space to carry personal items, the motorcycle trunk is the best equipment for transporting different materials. But when it comes to choosing a model, how to choose the ideal motorcycle trunk for your needs? Check out some tips to make the right purchase!

Purpose of use

To start researching a motorcycle trunk, it is necessary to consider the purpose of use. You need to determine if you need a trunk for work, for travel, or for daily routine. For trips and daily use, a compact top box can be a great option, while for work, a larger box with specific configurations, more load capacity, and security is recommended.


Speaking of capacity, this is the second element that should be analyzed to choose the ideal motorcycle trunk for your needs. Motorcycle boxes usually indicate their capacity in liters, with models ranging from 90 liters to larger options with 145 liters.

At this point, not only consider the load you want to transport but also the weight limit of the luggage rack that your motorcycle supports. This information is usually found in the manual of each motorcycle and is crucial to be aware of because carrying more weight than recommended can crack and even break components of the motorcycle.

Checked the weight limit of your motorcycle model? Then, you can choose the capacity of the trunk according to the items you intend to carry. For example, a 135-liter trunk can easily accommodate giant pizzas, while elongated models are ideal for those who need to deliver larger products.


Just think that a motorcycle trunk is exposed daily to various weather conditions to understand the importance of choosing a resistant material when buying a box. Most models on the market are made of rigid materials such as plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The material impacts the weight and strength of the box.

A safe option for most cases is HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene. It is a resin with a high molecular weight, resulting in more resistant and durable products with superior characteristics to other plastics. It’s no wonder that HDPE is used not only in the manufacturing of motorcycle trunks but also in pipes and even fuel tanks.


There are two commonly used types of openings in motorcycle plastic boxes: top or rear. In this regard, the user’s choice depends on the intended use. A rear-opening transport trunk is ideal for those involved in food delivery, especially pizzas, due to the ease of retrieving deliveries.

For those planning to transport other products, such as goods or documents, models with top openings may be more practical for daily routines. There are motorcycle boxes with larger proportioned openings, like this 145-liter motorcycle trunk, allowing the transport of items such as giant pizzas and even tires!

Therefore, the tip for choosing the ideal motorcycle trunk for your needs in terms of opening is to consider what product you intend to carry with it.

Closing and latches

With insecurity becoming increasingly prevalent in large cities, having a reliable locking system on the motorcycle trunk is an efficient way to protect the cargo. Some models already come with built-in locks on the trunk body, while others have a specific place to insert a padlock. When choosing the trunk for your motorcycle, always opt for a model with locks to ensure more security during transport.

I chose, now what?

After all this analysis, it will certainly be easier to choose the ideal motorcycle trunk for your needs and make the purchase. The next step is to install it! Many people prefer to install the motorcycle trunk themselves since, in most cases, only basic tools are required.

However, if you feel insecure or have doubts about the installation, seek help from a professional to avoid mistakes. This way, you will be sure that everything is well fitted, and no transported items are at risk of damage.

With everything ready, it’s time to start your journeys!