Extra Income with Motorcycles: Discover 5 Ideas to Make Money

When the economy is not doing well, many people look for ways to make extra income and have more financial comfort. If you have a motorcycle, know that there are ideas to make money using the vehicle.

These are interesting ideas because they take into account a very popular vehicle that many Brazilians have at home. This way, you can leverage something you already have to earn more money.

If you need to raise some extra cash to supplement your income, be sure to check out these ideas!

1. Motorcycle Delivery

In many Brazilian cities, the activities of bars and restaurants have already returned to normal, operating as they did before the pandemic.

However, thousands of people have become accustomed to consuming meals at home. Thus, even with the relaxation of visitor restrictions in bars and restaurants, some still prefer to order a meal via delivery.

If you have a motorcycle, the first idea to make money is to become part of the delivery system through apps like iFood or Rappi.

It’s important to have a functional motorcycle trunk that can safely accommodate the items to be transported.

Our suggestion is to check out the iCbras 140-liter trunk with an innovative design. This way, you’ll have a great ally in your deliveries!

2. Motorcycle Taxi

One of the motorcycle extra income ideas is to use the vehicle for transporting people, as a motorcycle taxi.

Although ride-sharing apps are very popular, motorcycle taxis have regained popularity, especially among people who need to navigate through the traffic of large cities.

To work as a motorcycle taxi, it is necessary to keep the motorcycle without a plastic trunk installed, always with a good extra helmet.

3. Delivery of Products and Correspondence

Just as food delivery has grown in recent months, many companies have seen motorcycles as a practical and cheaper way to deliver products and correspondence.

In this regard, those who want to earn extra income with a motorcycle can register on apps that handle this type of delivery or join a motorcycle cooperative.

An advantage of this service is that deliveries are usually made during business hours, ideal for those who do not want to work at night.

4. Company Courier

Today, a significant portion of documents can be sent and signed via email. However, for large companies with branches, the signature on original documents may still be required.

To shorten distances and make the entire process faster, these companies have registered couriers (motoboys) who are called upon to perform specific routes.

Thus, one of the ideas to make money with your motorcycle is to work as a courier partner for a company.

5. Water and Gas Delivery

Finally, one of the ideas for motorcycle extra income is to use the vehicle for water and gas delivery.

To do this, in addition to partnering with a company that sells these products, you need to follow some regulations, such as having a specific loading device – which helps with the safety of the driver.

But a word of caution: before starting to work in this area, it’s important to understand the requirements of Contran to ensure that your activities are within the law.

Extra income on your motorcycle

When it comes to extra income with a motorcycle, there are good ideas that riders can put into practice to earn more money.

In addition to these ideas, it’s worth exploring other forms of extra income, taking into account your knowledge, skills, and preferences.

Thus, by seeking ideas and having the willingness to work, having more money in your account becomes a reality!