How to Choose a Motorcycle Box for Traveling?

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a motorcycle as a vehicle is the ease of mobility, especially when dealing with the traffic of large cities. However, those who want to take a motorcycle trip may face the challenge of transporting their personal items in a small space. A good motorcycle trunk can make everything more practical and comfortable, but how to choose the ideal top case for a motorcycle trip? In partnership with the City & Cia Portal, which specializes in information and tips about cities, we have developed this material to provide advice on choosing the right motorcycle trunk for a longer journey.

To assist you with this task, we have selected essential tips for making the right purchase of a motorcycle trunk. Check them out below!

Different models for different needs.

To go on a motorcycle trip, you will need a trunk to carry your belongings. There are different models available in the market, and among the most well-known to consumers are the plastic box for motorcycles, the top case, the rack, and the saddlebag. Each of them has specific characteristics that should be considered by the motorcyclist before making a purchase.

The motorcycle trunk is widely used for delivery purposes, but it can also be used for trips. The ample capacity of the trunk, ranging from 65 to 160 liters, provides enough space to carry everything you need. As trunks take up a considerable amount of space, they are ideal for solo travelers. You can check out some motorcycle trunk models on the iCBras website.

A more compact option is the top case. With a capacity of up to 52 liters, the top case has a shape that occupies little space on the seat, making it a suitable model for two-person trips. Some types of top cases can accommodate an extra helmet, clothing, and other belongings. The polyurethane plastic material provides good protection against adverse weather conditions.

The rack is a practical piece of equipment for trips because it can be easily attached to the seat and does not require much space. With the rack, you can use an elastic cord to secure various items, such as a helmet and backpack. This item can also be attached to a top case. However, the rack does not protect your load from excessive rain or sun, so you may need a waterproof backpack if you don’t want to have issues with your cargo.

One last option for traveling by motorcycle is the saddlebag, which is a set of two small bags attached to the side of the motorcycle. The great advantage of the saddlebag is its.

Plastic is the best material for a top case.

An item very important, but not always taken into consideration when choosing a motorcycle top case for travel, is the material. This aspect is crucial because, on a motorcycle journey, you are exposed to various weather conditions, from heavy rains to periods of intense sunlight – and your belongings need to be protected.

Most motorcycle top cases are made of plastic, but it’s possible to find versions in carbon fiber or aluminum. All these materials are good choices, although plastic, especially HDPE, stands out for its greater resistance and durability. In the case of saddlebags, it’s common for the material to be leather or fabric, which may mean less protection against water.

To make the right choice regarding the material of the motorcycle top case for travel, the tip is to gather information about the route you plan to take, such as the weather forecast, the average climate of the region in other seasons, and feedback from other motorcyclists. If in doubt, plastic is always a safer bet.

Safety items

Making strategic stops on a motorcycle trip is essential for the comfort of the rider. During the times you stop to eat or rest, your motorcycle and the trunk will be ‘alone,’ so having a good security system makes all the difference. It is crucial to look for trunks with locking systems, whether with built-in locks or padlocks.

Other important guidelines

With these three parameters in mind, choosing a motorcycle trunk for travel becomes easier. But it’s always good to know about other important guidelines.

  • Before looking for a top case for travel in stores, check the motorcycle’s instruction manual to see the weight and size limits that the box can have. Motorcycles that carry more weight than they can support may experience serious problems and even cause accidents.
  • Have everything ready for the trip? Test if the motorcycle trunk is securely fastened. Trunks that are not installed properly can come loose during the journey. If in doubt, seek a professional to perform this service.
  • Finally, don’t forget to mark your trunk with reflective stickers, as indicated in the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB). This increases the visibility that other drivers have of you, preventing accidents.

And now that you have a good motorcycle trunk and have organized the entire trip, it’s time to hit the road! A motorcycle trip is an unforgettable experience, especially…