How to properly care for a motorcycle top case?

Those who own a motorcycle know that it’s necessary to take a series of precautions with the vehicle, from regular maintenance to periodic oil changes. But did you know that you also need to properly care for the motorcycle top case to ensure its longevity?

Indeed, some attention is required to keep your accessories, whether it’s the helmet, smartphone mount, or motorcycle top case, in good condition.

While it may seem “insignificant” at first glance, these items serve daily and deserve care. After all, besides the aesthetic aspect, riding with a helmet or top case in poor condition can lead to various problems for the motorcyclist.

But how do you properly care for a motorcycle top case? We’ll teach you!

Specific care for all top case models

If your goal is to keep the motorcycle top case in excellent condition, the first step is to understand that, regardless of whether it is made of recycled materials or other types of plastics, there are specific care routines you should apply.

When it comes to cleaning the top case, remember that all models require regular cleaning. For plastic or metal materials, there are specific products recommended for hygiene.

Additionally, you also need to think about solutions to ensure the proper storage of items that will be kept in the top case.

This is because there is always a risk of packages, especially food products, breaking in the cargo compartment. And you don’t want to deal with that “mess” later on.

But let’s check all these tips in more detail, leaving no room for doubts. Check it out!

Be cautious with objects stored in the top case

As you saw, even before thinking about cleaning the motorcycle top case, it’s essential to consider what you’ll carry inside it.

For lightweight items like documents, e-commerce products, or small objects, the task of keeping the top case clean is more straightforward, as these articles tend to cause less dirt in the long run.

On the other hand, when transporting heavier and dirtier objects, such as construction tools, cleaning needs to be done more frequently.

The more care you take with the condition of the top case, the easier it will be to keep it in excellent condition.

In this sense, the type of object stored in the top case directly influences its preservation, preventing dirt from compromising the utility of the cargo compartment.

Cleaning with appropriate products

A crucial factor in properly caring for a motorcycle top case is choosing the correct products for its cleaning.

We recommend professional-grade products that can be applied not only in top case maintenance but also in other parts of the motorcycle.

Here are two widely used and recognized options in the market:

1. Descaling Cleaner

The first option for properly caring for a motorcycle top case and performing its correct cleaning is with a descaling cleaner.

This is a potent acid detergent capable of cleaning top cases, machines, concrete structures, and aluminum objects. Despite its effectiveness in cleaning, the descaling cleaner does not cause corrosion on the surface of the materials.

However, it is essential to use it with care to ensure the complete removal of any residues from the top case.

2. Liquid Degreaser

Another option for cleaning motorcycles and top cases is the liquid degreaser.

Unlike the descaling cleaner, this product is less aggressive but equally effective in the proper cleaning of the top case.

With low foam formation, the liquid degreaser can be easily rinsed with little water. However, it is important to use it with care and allow the substance to act for a maximum of 5 minutes.

As a professional-grade product, its application ensures the continuous maintenance of the motorcycle top case in excellent condition.

Checking the top case’s attachment to the motorcycle

In addition to regular top case cleaning, it is also extremely important to ensure that the attachment has been properly done.

A poorly attached top case can pose a serious risk to both the rider and other road users. Therefore, the installation must be carried out following the instructions in the manual rigorously.

If there are uncertainties about the attachment of the motorcycle top case, considering the use of a universal support with a fastening strap or screws may be the best approach.

A tip: iCbras has developed a universal support that does not depend on screws and can be used on various motorcycle models. The installation is so simple that you can watch a video on YouTube to follow the steps without complication.

Moreover, using screws is also a viable alternative, although it requires the use of tools to simplify the process.

Without a doubt, proper attachment significantly contributes to the impeccable maintenance of the motorcycle top case over time.

Care and safety to properly care for a motorcycle top case

Taking care of your motorcycle top case is more than attention to the aesthetic aspect of the cargo compartment. In fact, by taking care of this item, you are creating conditions for more safety.

This happens because, with a properly cared-for motorcycle top case, you facilitate your daily life, avoid complications, and maintain safety – especially when it comes to the correct attachment.

Therefore, if you hadn’t dedicated time to the proper maintenance of this essential motorcycle component, start today!

This is an investment that makes a difference not only in your condition but also in traffic safety.