Jet Ski Storage Chest? Discover This Innovation from iCbras!

Not everyone knows, but those who use a watercraft or are thinking of buying one can have more convenience on their trips with a storage chest for jet skis.

And thinking about this audience, iCbras has brought an innovation to the market: a durable and resistant storage chest for jet skis made of HDPE.

With a capacity of 65 liters, this model is ideal for those who want to have a positive experience carrying different products on a watercraft.

Do you own a jet ski and don’t know the purpose of using a storage chest or how to install it? We’ll explain it to you!

Why have a storage chest for jet skis?

Chests are objects that can be used in various ways, being a necessary item for those who like to have a space to organize their belongings and tools.

Storage chests for jet skis are no different, serving as a storage space on your watercraft.

Using the iCbras storage chest for jet skis

This model of iCbras storage chest for jet skis has the ideal size for those who want to store personal items such as shoes, lightweight clothing, or even sports equipment.

The design of this storage chest is made to combine comfort and practicality, not taking up much space on your watercraft.

Due to its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, it is made of a plastic that is super resistant to temperature variations, with the advantage of being lightweight and waterproof. HDPE is a material known for its high resistance, ensuring durability and lightness to the storage chest.

Along with the plastic chest, a quick coupling set is added to the purchase, as well as a thermal bag that can be acquired in the premium version. The iCbras storage chest for jet skis can also be purchased in black and white.

The 65-liter storage chest model has a double-walled lid, providing more strength, protection, and better sealing. Additionally, it has holes to secure a net and facilitate the safe accommodation of other items.

For those who like to personalize their belongings, there is the possibility of decorating the chest by applying stickers on its sides and/or using the iCbras flag holder.

Attaching the 65-liter storage chest for jet skis

The 65-liter plastic trunk from iCbras is easy and safe to use. Being made of HDPE, it will not be difficult for the user to attach the chest to their watercraft.

The installation of the chest to the watercraft is done through the quick coupling support provided by iCbras, already attached to the chest.

However, an important detail is that the chest box is only adaptable to the Sea Doo quick coupling system.

To use the storage chest for jet skis, simply open the two latches on the bottom of the chest and position them on the quick coupling with the chest lock facing forward. The next step is to fit the chest latches into the quick coupling on the watercraft and lock them.

Finally, while in motion, keep the carabiner attached to the loop once again.

All these details and installation information are present in the instructions manual that buyers receive. Thus, it is much simpler to attach the chest to your watercraft.

Caring for the storage chest

To ensure the longevity of the storage chest for jet skis, it is recommended to take certain fundamental precautions.

First of all, do not exceed the maximum load capacity supported. For a 65-liter chest, the maximum supported is 3 kg.

Any load above that can affect the stability of the ride and cause damage to the watercraft. In addition, damages caused by excessive load are not covered by the product warranty.

Other precautions include:

  • Never drive the vehicle with the chest lid open;
  • Do not use the chest as a seat and/or support to get on the watercraft;
  • Never transport sharp, corrosive, and/or flammable objects, as it may endanger the lives of others, the driver, and also cause damage to the chest material.

The chest also has space for a padlock. It is worth noting that the use of the padlock alone does not guarantee that the chest will not be tampered with.

And it is worth remembering that it is prohibited to transport animals and people in the storage chest for jet skis.

It is extremely important to perform a daily inspection before using items that need to be attached to the chest. Poor attachment of these items can cause serious harm to the driver and others.

How to buy a storage chest for jet skis?

So, did you like this iCbras innovation?

If you have a jet ski and want more convenience, you can’t miss this complete option! Click on this link to contact iCbras and learn more details.

This way, your next water rides, whether in the sea, river, or lagoon, will be more practical and full of possibilities!