Motorcycle for Sale: Tips for Advertising Your Motorcycle

To buy a new motorcycle, many people choose to sell the vehicle they are currently using, ensuring an extra value at the time of payment. If this is your case, know that there are tips for selling the motorcycle and creating a successful advertisement. Check it out!

1. Check if the documentation is up to date

Before considering selling your motorcycle, it is essential to ensure that all vehicle documentation is up to date. After all, a buyer is unlikely to be interested in your motorcycle if they cannot transfer the documents after closing the deal.

To ensure compliance with traffic laws, it is important to check whether the vehicle’s property tax (IPVA) is paid and whether there are any outstanding debts, such as fines and fees.

This information can be obtained on your state’s Detran website by entering the motorcycle’s details in the search field. This way, you can be sure that the documents are in order for the sale.

2. A thorough inspection

Another tip for advertising a motorcycle for sale is to conduct a thorough inspection, an aspect that helps attract potential buyers.

Many people only buy a used motorcycle if they are certain that the vehicle has undergone an inspection. This is because with a well-inspected motorcycle, buyers can expect to wait a bit longer before taking it to the mechanic.

When sending the motorcycle for inspection, don’t forget to ask the mechanic to check the engine oil, filters, and even the sturdiness of the rack for accommodating the plastic motorcycle box. To find out more about other items that should not be overlooked in an inspection, refer to this article.

3. Consider all accessories included in the sale

When we buy a new motorcycle, some factory accessories are usually included. Over time, it’s common to add other features, making the vehicle more complete. Therefore, when putting the motorcycle up for sale, it’s important to list these accessories.

Take some time to analyze which items come with the motorcycle. The instruction manual and spare key are standard items in these sales, but even the plastic motorcycle box you use can be listed as an accessory in the advertisement.

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4. Take good photos of your motorcycle

Successful ads are those that manage to convey the benefits of acquiring a product. It’s no wonder that photos are so crucial, even for a motorcycle for sale. Remember: it is through images that potential customers will have their first contact with the motorcycle.

Therefore, one of the tips for advertising your motorcycle is to rely on good photographs. It’s worth washing the vehicle and applying wax to give it a refreshed look.

Also, position your motorcycle in a location with good lighting (even better if it’s sunlight). Additionally, ensure that this space is ‘clean’ to attract the buyer’s gaze to what really matters: your motorcycle.

5. Put effort into the motorcycle description

When it comes to advertising tips when selling your motorcycle, the product description cannot be left out. After all, it is through this information that the buyer will consider if your motorcycle is a good option.

In the description field of the ad, provide all the details about the motorcycle. Some data you need to include are:

  • Year of manufacture;
  • Motorcycle model;
  • Current mileage;
  • Engine capacity;
  • If it comes with any accessories.

It is very important to be honest when making the description. If your motorcycle has a flaw or a scratch on the paint, inform the consumer. And of course, never claim that your motorcycle can do more than it really can deliver.

6. Price within the market average

Even though you know that your motorcycle is a great option or has had incredible experiences with you, none of that matters when establishing a selling price. It is necessary to research what is being applied in the market.

The ‘Tabela Fipe’ (Fipe Table) is the first source you should check. By entering your vehicle’s data, the table provides the current value of the motorcycle.

However, the ‘Tabela Fipe’ may not correspond to the reality of some cities. Therefore, in addition to Fipe, research in local stores and online resale platforms to find out the values being practiced in your region. This will help you establish a fair and attractive price.

After doing all this, just publish the ad and wait for contacts. In addition to specialized sales and resale websites, you can use social media and WhatsApp to share with your contacts that your motorcycle is for sale.

With these practical tips, your ad has a better chance of being successful.