Motorcycle trunk 65 liters with metal lock


Motorcycle trunk 65 liters with metal lock

For those who use a motorcycle daily, they know how functional the vehicle can be. However, the lack of space to carry personal items can be a challenge for many people.

To have more convenience in your daily life, a motorcycle trunk makes all the difference. Opting for a small model, such as the 65-liter trunk from iCbras, gives you extra space on the motorcycle without sacrificing comfort.

The 65 liters trunk is ideal for carrying small items like a rain cover, shoes, or a helmet. With a strategically designed shape, it can accommodate various daily use items securely and easily.

Thus, transporting your personal items from one point to another in the city becomes much simpler, practical, and safe.

Assembly of the 65L trunk.

Video from the tutorial series for assembling the Support for all iCbras trunks. We hope it has helped you in assembling your trunk; if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!


Available in colors: black and white;
No seams on the sides;
Lid with double walls for greater strength;
Lid with upward (top) opening;
Metal lock with key;
Lid designed to attach elastic net;
Can be used with plastic supports from iCbras or conventional metal models;
Includes: mounting kit for assembly on conventional metal support and instruction manual.

Additional Information

Trunk dimensions:

34 x 49 x 56 cm




Suporte iCbras

34 x 49 x 56 cm