Pizza Box: Top or Front Opening?

Bringing together restaurants and consumers through order delivery is one of the main functions of those working with motorcycles. While there is a wide variety of foods, it’s undeniable that pizza remains the favorite choice for delivery for most Brazilians. But for the motorcyclist looking for more convenience in their deliveries, the question is simple: is it better to have a pizza box with a top or front opening? The following analysis can help clarify!

Features of each motorcycle trunk

With a daily production of 1 million pizzas, Brazil is among the world’s largest consumers of pizza, with a significant portion of orders coming from delivery. For motorcyclists, before choosing to buy a trunk with a top or rear opening, it is interesting to know the characteristics of each.

For this analysis, we used as a basis a motorcycle trunk with a capacity of 130 liters, a size that allows the delivery of larger pizzas, such as giant or family-sized pizzas, and also enables the transport of other items.

Pizza box with top opening

One of the main advantages of the motorcycle trunk with a top opening is the protection of the transported items. Those who are always on the road know that it’s not difficult to encounter adverse weather conditions, such as rain and storms. The best delivery trunks on the market feature a design that makes the lid act as a ‘cover,’ preventing water from entering and harming what is being transported.

Additionally, the model with a top opening is an interesting choice for those working with deliveries of other products, items that are not in the food sector. An example is the services of collecting and delivering documents, correspondence, or even products between stores and consumers.

On the other hand, the top opening for the daily routine of pizza delivery may prove to be a challenge when it’s necessary to change the delivery order. Usually, the motorcyclist organizes the pizza boxes according to the route they intend to take, placing the food to be delivered first on top. Therefore, if it is necessary to reverse the order, extra effort is required to remove the one at the bottom and deliver it to the customer.

Pizza box with front opening

A good comparison for the front-opening pizza delivery trunk is an oven, which features the same type of lid. Thanks to this design, the delivery person has more functionality and mobility to remove items, especially large pizza boxes. Another advantage is that it’s possible to remove a food item from the bottom first, without having to move the other items in the delivery route.

Many front-opening pizza boxes already come with an integrated locking system, as is the case with the iCbras model. As simple as it may seem, not having to open and close a padlock for each delivery saves time and adds more convenience to the motorcyclist – and better utilization of time is something every motorcyclist seeks.

In daily use, this type of trunk also proves to be versatile, as it allows for carrying different items. However, it is necessary to consider what will be transported to understand if this option is the best for you.

How to choose a pizza box?

Understanding the characteristics of each type of plastic box for motorcycles makes it easier to decide between one model and another. But, if you still have doubts, it’s worth making a comparison taking into account the positive and negative points of each trunk.

Both the rear and top openings work well for food delivery and can be used for delivering other items as well. The tip for making a good choice is to list all the items you intend to transport, to understand if there is something that will perform better inside one type of trunk than another.

In addition, it’s worth paying attention to the product demonstration photos, especially for those who will be purchasing the motorcycle trunk online. Observe the interior area, check the manufacturing material (one of the best is HDPE, ideal for motorcycle trunks due to its resistance), also checking weight and dimensions to see if the model is within the limits presented in your motorcycle’s manual.

With all these points in mind, you will be able to make an appropriate choice and carry out pizza or other product deliveries with convenience and safety. Visit the iCbras website to learn more about plastic boxes for motorcycles.