What are the PPEs for motorcycle couriers? Understand their importance!

Only those who work daily in traffic know how dangerous this environment can be. In this regard, PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for motorcycle couriers are essential to ensure the safety of the rider.

Before thinking about making deliveries or the best way to carry items on your motorcycle, remember that you must protect your life!

Therefore, familiarize yourself with what motorcycle courier PPEs are and why they are so important.

Motorcycle Courier PPEs, what are they?

PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are mandatory safety items to ensure the well-being of workers in their activities. While they are more commonly known and used in industrial roles, there are personal protective equipment options for various professions.

Thus, motorcycle couriers are no exception! PPEs are necessary to carry out various transportation activities safely.

In practice, when a motorcycle courier uses one or more PPEs, they gain ‘layers’ of protection in their daily lives. In the event of impacts such as collisions and falls, the chances of sustaining serious injuries decrease significantly.

In other words, PPEs for motorcycle couriers are essential to protect these professionals in their daily journeys.

What are the main PPEs for the activity?

If you are a self-employed motorcycle courier or someone looking to start a courier company, you need to know what the PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are for conducting transportation safely.

It’s important to keep in mind that these items are not only necessary but also mandatory according to CONTRAN (National Traffic Council).

Therefore, when starting your activities as a motorcycle courier, make sure to have the following equipment:

1. Helmet

This is the most well-known PPE among people. But more than that, it is also mandatory by law!

Among CONTRAN’s definitions regarding the helmet, we have the requirement for the INMETRO approval seal and the presence of reflective stickers on the sides and the rear.

In addition to protecting the head in case of a collision, it also helps maintain good visibility and adds layers of protection against strong wind.

2. Resistant jacket

The jacket is not just an accessory but an important PPE to protect against scratches in case of falls and changes in temperature.

Look for jackets that provide wind and water sealing. Also, make it a habit to wear it even on hot days, as it will protect you if you happen to fall from the motorcycle.

3. Cut-resistant antenna

You’ve probably heard of cases where motorcyclists got injured while passing through an area with kite strings coated in glass powder, right?

The cut-resistant antenna is precisely designed to prevent injuries caused by these sharp kite strings. It is installed at the front of the motorcycle and helps intercept these lines.

4. Knee pads with shin guards and elbow pads

You already know about the need for wearing a jacket, but for additional protection, especially in the event of falls, collisions, or impacts, you can use knee pads with shin guards and elbow pads.

These devices are quite useful and allow you to maintain good mobility while being protected.

5. Reflective vest

This vest should be worn during both day and night to make the motorcycle courier more visible in traffic.

In practice, its fluorescent strips reflect light, ensuring greater safety, as you will be more easily seen by other drivers.

6. Leg guard or articulated leg protector

You can find this device with both names: leg guard or articulated leg protector.

This accessory protects the legs of motorcyclists in case of accidents and also guards against the heat from the motorcycle exhaust.

7. Gloves

Gloves are essential to protect the hands from various weather conditions. In cold weather, the absence of gloves can lead to dryness and discomfort while riding.

Moreover, gloves provide a firm grip when holding the motorcycle handlebars. They are also convenient to store inside the motorcycle’s storage compartment when not in use.

8. Boots

Boots help prevent burns, cuts, and falling objects on the feet, as well as slips during motorcycle handling.

Therefore, consider wearing appropriate footwear when you go on delivery trips.

9. Engine guard (Engine guard)

No matter what name you know this item by, it’s important to understand that it plays a crucial role in protecting the motorcycle in the event of a collision or fall.

The engine guard is attached to the front part of the motorcycle. In other words, it doesn’t take up space and ensures your protection!

Prioritize your safety!

It’s crucial to remember that all these PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are designed to keep you safe. However, to make motorcycle deliveries, you must also comply with other rules established by CONTRAN.

In this regard, a motorcycle courier must be over 21 years old and hold a category A driver’s license for at least two years. It’s also important to undergo and pass a motorcycle courier course.

Regarding the PPEs for motorcycle couriers, there are also requirements set by CONTRAN. Their use is intended to protect the motorcyclist from environmental conditions and potential incidents, such as collisions and falls.

Therefore, when getting on your motorcycle, prioritize your safety!

Use all the necessary equipment. This will ensure that your journeys are safer, allowing you to return safely at the end of the day. Your well-being is the most important thing!