Women in Delivery: How to be a Motogirl and Other Tips!

Have you ever seen a woman making deliveries on a motorcycle? Indeed, the delivery market has witnessed a significant increase in female presence. For those who want to work in this field, knowing how to be a “motogirl” and having practical tips about the job is essential!

Until recently, the profession of a “motogirl” was not as popular. However, with the growth of delivery apps, coupled with the pandemic scenario that took away many job opportunities, dozens of women have started to show interest in the industry.

So, every day, we see professionals using their motorcycles and moto delivery boxes to play a crucial role in the logistics of deliveries.

Of course, there are challenges, as in any professional field. But the truth is that many women have thrived in this occupation, standing out for their efficiency and attention to detail.

If you are thinking about joining the group of women in delivery, check out this article to understand more about the subject!

More women in the delivery market

The presence of women in traffic is not a novelty, but the choice of the profession of “motogirl” is a relatively recent trend.

Currently, it is estimated that more than 8 million women have licenses to ride motorcycles in Brazil.

With changes in the professional landscape, many women found themselves with more limited job options, while others saw the profession of “motogirl” as an opportunity for more independent work.

At the same time, as women entered this market, the logistics sector began to recognize the value of female presence in deliveries.

Generally, “motogirls” are seen as responsible, cautious, and aware in traffic. Moreover, it is very common for women to be more detail-oriented, ensuring careful delivery.

For those looking to understand how to be a “motogirl,” it is important to keep in mind that this profession also opens doors to entrepreneurship. After all, many women have created their own delivery companies based on their experiences in the delivery industry.

The growing female presence in the delivery market is an irreversible trend. In other words, “motogirls” will become increasingly common in our daily lives.

Challenges in the Motogirl Universe

Before we explain how to become a motogirl, it’s crucial to understand that there are challenges in this profession.

To start, there’s the stigma of it being considered a predominantly male occupation. This, at times, leads to discrimination and prejudice in the daily lives of these professionals.

Many motogirls report experiences of being treated differently compared to men, from underestimation of their abilities to limited opportunities and lower pay compared to their male counterparts.

Additionally, exposure to the risk of violence, especially in large cities prone to theft, is a constant concern. After all, women may be targeted as they are perceived as more vulnerable.

How to Become a Motogirl?

If you’re interested in entering the world of deliveries, even in the face of challenges, it’s important to understand where to start.

Therefore, the first step for any motorcyclist is to obtain a motorcycle license.

Once you’ve done that, it’s necessary to choose a motorcycle that suits your needs. If acquiring your own vehicle isn’t an immediate option, many delivery companies offer jobs with vehicle provision.

Additionally, some companies work with motorcycle rentals, which can be a good option until you’re able to buy your own vehicle.

Finally, of course, we need to talk about the motorcycle box, which is crucial to facilitate daily deliveries.

Many people may not know, but it’s essential to follow local traffic regulations, especially those related to the dimensions of the box. Therefore, prioritize a manufacturer that follows the rules when developing motorcycle boxes and top cases.

At iCbras, we work with motorcycle boxes of different sizes, always complying with traffic regulations.

It’s worth mentioning accessories, such as smartphone mounts attached to the motorcycle, which can enhance the work experience by allowing the use of GPS safely. You can also find accessories here at iCbras!

Skills Required for Success as a Motogirl

Now that you know how to become a motogirl, with the basic requirements, how about discussing skills that will make your daily life more productive?

Some of the most valued skills in the field include:

1. Navigation Knowledge: The ability to find efficient routes for package delivery, often using GPS navigation apps.

2. Communication Skills: Clearly communicating with clients and colleagues is essential to ensure the safety of transmitted information.

3. Attention to Detail: Fundamental to ensuring the correct and timely delivery of packages.

4. Time Management: Prioritizing deliveries based on urgency and importance, as well as planning strategic routes.

5. Problem-Solving Skills: Essential for dealing with unexpected situations, such as motorcycle breakdowns or issues with packages.

Women on the Road!

Women who choose the motogirl profession are discovering valuable opportunities, whether as an additional source of income or as their main occupation.

If you’re looking into how to become a motogirl, know that information is the first step for this endeavor!

Keep in mind that despite the inherent challenges, the motogirl profession not only represents a woman with a job but also positively impacts society as a whole.

A single woman can support her household through this occupation, contributing to a more equal and secure environment for everyone.