Learn about 6 Common Mistakes When Riding a Motorcycle

In general, motorcycles are known for being practical and very durable vehicles. However, there are some common mistakes when riding a motorcycle that can reduce its lifespan.

These are common mistakes because many riders make them without even realizing that they are acting incorrectly. They are small daily habits that directly impact the machine’s performance.

By understanding these mistakes, you can identify if you are making any of them and change your behavior, ensuring better performance for your motorcycle.

Check out the following list of 6 common mistakes when riding a motorcycle and find out if you are making one (or more) of them!

1. Riding with a Dirty Motorcycle

Every time you start the motorcycle for a delivery or a ride, you expose the vehicle to an environment filled with residues such as dust and rain.

Over time, these residues can accumulate, especially in engine components. In the long run, the motorcycle may lose performance.

To avoid this situation, it’s essential to avoid one of the common mistakes when riding a motorcycle, which is riding without regular cleaning.

Aim to wash your motorcycle every 1,000 km. Additionally, components like the chain deserve special attention, with cleaning using kerosene and lubricant.

2. Ignoring Engine Oil Consumption

Do you know the level of your motorcycle’s engine oil? If the answer is no, then you are making a mistake!

Engine oil plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the motorcycle. Therefore, make it a habit to check the oil level periodically, either through the dipstick or the sight glass.

If you notice oil drops on the ground or a drop of more than 20% in volume between checks, you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic.

3. Riding with Underinflated Tires

Another common mistake when riding a motorcycle is riding with underinflated tires, meaning with lower pressure than recommended by the manufacturer.

To prevent the tire from easily puncturing or experiencing irregular tread wear, it’s necessary to regularly check the tire pressure.

You can consult the owner’s manual to find out the recommended tire pressure, both in pounds and frequency.

4. Using a Too Large or Heavy Top Box for the Motorcycle

Those who use the motorcycle as a work vehicle usually have a top box attached to transport goods.

What not everyone knows is that every motorcycle has a weight limit it can support. Therefore, if you put more weight in the top box or use a box that is too large, it can damage the vehicle.

To avoid this mistake, check the owner’s manual to find out the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Additionally, specialized companies in motorcycle top boxes, such as iCbras, can help you choose a suitable top box for your motorcycle. Contact us for assistance!

5. Neglecting Chain Lubrication

If chain maintenance already requires extra attention during cleaning, imagine during overall motorcycle maintenance!

One of the common mistakes when riding a motorcycle is not paying attention to the lack of chain lubrication, along with the sprocket and pinion, responsible for secondary transmission.

In this regard, it’s important to use a lubricant suitable for this type of transmission, reapplying the product periodically.

6. Coasting Downhill with the Engine Off

There is a belief that coasting downhill with the motorcycle’s engine off, or in neutral, helps save fuel.

But this is just a popular belief! In reality, choosing to save fuel this way can lead to much higher expenses with the engine.

After all, by turning off the engine when going downhill, you keep the gearbox gears in motion.

However, without the engine operating, the vehicle receives less pressure from the oil pump, causing various types of failures.

Do you do this? You need to stop now!

As you’ve seen, common mistakes when riding a motorcycle are simple practices present in the daily lives of many motorcyclists.

If you make any of these mistakes, you can correct your behavior and stop right away! By fixing and avoiding them, you give more life and performance to your motorcycle.

And with a fully functional motorcycle, your deliveries or rides will be even better!