4 Trends for the Delivery Sector in 2021

Shopping and receiving deliveries at home, through motorcycle delivery services, have become increasingly common in the routines of Brazilians. The projection is that this segment will continue to grow, with well-defined trends for the delivery sector in 2021.

Delivery services experienced a significant increase in demand in 2020, driven especially by social isolation and the inability of consumers to visit physical stores.

As home delivery, whether through website orders or apps, becomes more prevalent in consumers’ lives, the trends for the delivery sector in 2021 indicate that this method of purchasing is here to stay.

Here are 4 trends for the delivery sector in 2021.

More Orders Through Websites:

Even though food and grocery shopping apps have become popular in the last year, for some establishments, the fees are not very inviting.

Many restaurants have found a solution by creating their own websites for orders. This way, consumers can access a webpage on the internet to place orders without the intermediary of apps.

For restaurant and snack bar owners, this is a method to ensure a higher profit margin. To encourage orders through websites, brands often launch special promotions and discounts.

Care and Attention to the Customer

Creating a good experience for the customer is one of the trends in the delivery sector in 2021. This experience takes into account various factors, from the ease of placing an order to the delivery carried out by the motorbike courier.

In the food industry, for example, restaurants have been concerned with how the food reaches the customer. After all, nothing is more disappointing than receiving a ‘messy’ dish, quite different from the menu image.

With this in mind, many companies have invested in motorcycle top boxes that do not compromise the delivery of food during transport, capable of properly accommodating the packaging.

Models with more structured designs, such as the iCbras top boxes of 100 and 140 liters, can fulfill this task.

Thus, by using an iCbras top box in deliveries, in addition to maximizing the use of space in the motorcycle top box, the motorcyclist can transport the food with fewer damages to its visual appearance.

Use of Sustainable Packaging:

Environmental policies have been increasingly discussed in cities. An example is in coastal regions that, in recent years, have prohibited the use of plastic straws in beverages.

This discussion also impacts consumers who are concerned about the amount of waste generated in a delivery order.

In response, restaurants and other establishments are investing in the use of biodegradable packaging, which are those that do not harm the environment in their disposal after use.

Your voice placing the order

For many years, system development companies have studied how computers could recognize words that would become commands.

All this technology has been applied to different devices, such as virtual assistants and even smartphone apps.

One of the trends for the delivery sector in 2021 is voice recognition in orders, which allows greater convenience and speed when making a purchase.

Indirectly, this technology also positively impacts individuals with visual impairments who depend on speech to place orders.

Growth in the Delivery Sector

If 2020 was a year of increased demand for delivery, 2021 has the potential to be even better, especially with the advent of new technologies and the widespread adoption of delivery services.

Now that Brazilians are well accustomed to this type of service, the trends for the delivery sector show optimistic forecasts for the coming months.

By understanding the trends for the delivery sector in 2021, establishments and delivery professionals can prepare for the future, considering what can truly make a difference for customers.

And for consumers, it is about taking advantage of all the conveniences that this delivery method can offer.