Women in Delivery: How to be a Motogirl and Other Tips!

Have you ever seen a woman making deliveries on a motorcycle? Indeed, the delivery market has witnessed a significant increase in female presence. For those who want to work in this field, knowing how to be a “motogirl” and having practical tips about the job is essential! Until recently, the profession of a “motogirl” was […]

The electric bicycles market and its growth

The electric bicycle segment has experienced remarkable expansion in recent years, proving to be a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative for transportation. Indeed, an increasing number of consumers are adopting this mode of transportation, driven not only by environmental benefits but also by the costs associated with traditional fuels. In geographically privileged areas, especially […]

Motoboy and Digital Influencer: Who Are the Motoboys Dominating Social Media?

Can you imagine working as a motorcycle courier and a digital influencer? Believe it or not, this is already a reality for some individuals who, through the internet, have discovered a new source of income and personal fulfillment. Similar to other professions, many couriers are leaving their conventional jobs to become digital influencers on social […]

Electric Motorcycles for Delivery: What’s New in the Market?

The motorcycle delivery sector is not something new in people’s daily lives. However, only now are we seeing more electric motorcycles for delivery. And in this market, there is no shortage of innovations! In a world where sustainability is increasingly in focus, this type of transportation emerges as an attractive choice for various companies. Indeed, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Trailer and Small Carriage Laws

When the trunk of the car becomes too small, a practical solution is to use trailers. However, what many people don’t know is that there are laws governing the use of trailers and carriages, regulating their use in traffic. Understanding the laws that govern the use of these devices is essential to avoid fines and […]

How does motorcycle rental work? Everything about the subject!

Renting a vehicle is not uncommon. What not everyone knows is that, besides cars and vans, you can also rent a motorcycle. But how does motorcycle rental work? Although this type of rental is not as popular, it has gained enthusiasts all over Brazil due to its numerous advantages. Both for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking […]

The World of Delivery: What It Is and How This Business Model Works

Many people already know how easy and convenient it is to receive packages anywhere. This concept is part of the delivery world, a business model that has shown significant growth. Although the food sector receives the most delivery orders, many other industries are adopting delivery services in their establishments. The delivery world might have originated […]

5 Motorcycle Accessories that Facilitate the Daily Routine of Deliveries.

In recent years, the motorcycle accessories market has experienced significant growth. Today, there is a wide variety of innovative products that combine quality and technology to enhance the safety and convenience of motorcyclists in their daily lives. As traffic conditions and vehicles themselves evolve, motorcycles also need to adapt to these changes. This includes not […]

What are the PPEs for motorcycle couriers? Understand their importance!

Only those who work daily in traffic know how dangerous this environment can be. In this regard, PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for motorcycle couriers are essential to ensure the safety of the rider. Before thinking about making deliveries or the best way to carry items on your motorcycle, remember that you must protect your life! […]

Is there a course for motorcycle couriers? How to do it?

To perform delivery activities on a motorcycle, it is advisable to participate in a training program specifically designed for motorcycle couriers. In fact, this course is a legal requirement, focused on the training of professionals. After all, motorcycle riders who engage in deliveries or provide transportation services must also operate within legal parameters to ensure […]